Friday, 13 January 2017

Can we say all travel is tourism?

Generally, travel is related to a movement of an individual from one destination to another maybe for business work, to meet a friend or family for a while or for healthcare purpose. Scheduled vacation, on the other hands, refers to the movements associated with an individual for leisure purposes. Normally people travel to all kinds of places and locations; though, travel is generally restricted to locations with tourism probable, such as monuments, parks, museums, big cities and famous malls, beach, and so on.
Travel and tourism are two related activities and, in other words, travel is a broad term. During travel, people spend their money and the companies in tourism industry get their money to keeps in business by providing comfort. In this way, tourism companies earn and people achieve their purpose of traveling. In short, tourism is the business of providing the infrastructure and services as well to help the visit services for travelers and tourists.
From the long time ago tourism and travel leisure are being used substitutable; though there are some distinctions involving the two. Tourism is also distinct as travel for a comparatively longer time period. In short words, tourism is a part of travel, but not all travel is tourism.
Every time a person travels for tourism, this individual is vacationing for leisure. This will entail a different mentality. This means that the people in the vacation spot will also have a different mindset. They will set up business and other industries to obtain people and capitalize about this. Pertaining to example, just look at a tourist destination - prices are higher and amenities are catered for people's convenience.

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