Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How to get United Arab Emirates Visa Services In Islamabad ?

United Arab Emirates visa Services is provided by different travel agencies in Pakistan.  Most Of these travel agencies have contract with United Arab Emirates airways for their travels In Dubai. You can get your visa by visiting many website on-line. Insurance of visa or policy can only be validated by Embassy of Pakistan and Embassy of United Arab Emirates.
United Arab Emirates Visa services available on-line
Following are the visas that are offered by United Arab Emirates Visa Service.
  • Transit Visa
  • Short term or Visit Visa
  • Long Stay Visa 
  • Immigrant Visa
  • Official Visa
1)      Transit Visa
Required by person to travel from their country to outside of the country.
This type of visa can be of very short time usually of hours.
2)      Short Term or Visit Visa
Short term visa for United Arab Emirates, includes private visa, tourist visa, visa for medical reason, business visa, working holidays visa, athletic or artistic visa, refugee visa.
3)      Long Stay Visa
Long term stay visa includes student visa, temporary work visa, and asylum visa.
4)      Immigrant Visa
For those people who immigrate to the United Arab Emirates includes partner visa, marriage visa, and pensioner visa.
5)      Official Visa
Official visa is granted to the people that are visiting the country for their business work, represent their country in the host country and are supported by the government, includes diplomatic visa, courtesy visa.

Visa Policy of United Arab Emirates 
Documents required (Specific Airline)
  • Original Passport with validity of maximum 6 months
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Bank Statement valid for 6 months if traveling first time
  • Copy of National Identity Card and B-Form
  • Company Covering Letter
Documents required (No Restricted Airline)
  • Passport color scan copies
  • Scan photographs
  • Scan copies of National Identity Card and B-form
  • Scan Copy of last exit if you are traveling after 2 months
       Entry and Stay in United Arab Emirates
  • Single Entry (One Month)
  • Single Entry (3 Months)
  • Multiple Entry (6 Months)
United Arab Emirates Embassy in Islamabad:
United Arab Emirate Embassy in Islamabad was established 37 years ago and is situated near Prime Minister Secretariat.
Different Tour and Travel Agents in Pakistan are providing United Arab Emirates Visa Services at affordable rates. These Tour and Travel agencies have launched their business on-line. You can visit their on-line websites for further information.

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