Monday, 16 November 2015

Umrah package in Islamabad

There are a lot of travel and tourism companies in Islamabad offering full range of umrah package services. These companies provide different types of umrah packages with affordable rates so that their client feel comfort and ease during their holy journey. These companies provide all facilities to the people like hotelling, the provision of good and healthy food, visas services, booking of flights, complete guidance from your intention to perform umrah till the completion of it etc. Best services are offered to the Executive and Elite Class people like 5 Star services. Special Ramadan umrah packages are available in the holy month of Ramadan because most of the Muslims from all around the world wish to perform umrah in this holy month. Different types of umrah packages are offered in Ramadan like First 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Package, Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Package and Whole Month Ramadan Umrah Package.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Hajj Performance and Saudi Approved Visa Services

Each year, millions of Muslim pilgrims head over to Mecca to accomplish fifth Islamic event, Hajj, relating to the 8th & 12th days in the holy month of Zil-Hijja, which is the last month in the Islamic calendar. Hajj, which can be compulsory only for those physically and in financial terms capable, should become performed one or more times in an eternity. It cleanses this pilgrim spiritually. Our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said, “Whoever functions Hajj for the sake of Allah Almighty will likely be free of sin as the day he was born”.
The annual pilgrimage, which our Quran instruct each and every believer that can afford it to accomplish one or more times in a very long time, is less difficult for pilgrims in comparison with it, was previously. In the past they trudged intended for days in excess of land. Today they travel, and obviously any good seat inside economy type is comfier over a thousand-mile trek through the Sahara. Over 2m Muslims coming from 183 places will penetrate on Mecca and it is surroundings on time for Sept 22nd, when the hajj starts this year. Two big tragedies take place recently during Hajj. So much painful situations now days at this holy place because of this tragedy.
Previously few years since the crowds include swollen, Saudi Arabic has moved to prohibit the quantities. A committed ministry allots each and every country any quota connected with visas dependant on its Muslim populace; this have been reduced because 2013 on account of renovation operates in Mecca. Every single country next distributes them by lottery. Muslims can easily only employ, in their home country, if they will haven’t been in the past five years—an exception is directed at those accompanying a female under 45 years, all connected with whom will need to have a male mahram, or maybe guardian. Any lucky number of might gain a fully-paid journey funded through their authorities. But almost all visa-endowed pilgrims ought to next choose a package at a Saudi-approved travel agency.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Basic Rituals of Hajj and Umrah

Hajj is the fifth basic pilgrim of Islam which is performed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  It is obligatory for every Muslim to Perform Hajj once in a life.  People who can physically and financially afford the travel should perform Hajj Once in Life Time. The Holy Pilgrimage occurs between 8th and 12th Of Islamic month Dhu Al Hajjah.  This pilgrimage is made around the Holy Kaba. There are billions of Muslim perform Hajj every year. The Performer seeks the ultimate forgiveness from sins with full devotion to ALLAH Almighty. Mecca is the center of Islamic State.  You should be adult, a free person and a Muslim to perform this Holy Event.
Pilgrims come from different races, different countries and different colors to perform Hajj. There is no Distinction there on the Holly Ground of Mecca. During Hajj, performer dress up in a holy Dress which is called as Ihram. Hajj involves many rituals some of them are
  • Counter clockwise seven rounds around Kaba
  • Run Forth and back around the Hills of Saffah and Marwa
  • Drink Water of Zam Zam
  • Visit to mountains Of Arafat
  • Stay at night at the plains Of Muzdalifa
  • Stoning to the Devil
  • After all these rituals, sacrifice an animal on the Day of Eid Ul Adha.

The Present method of Hajj was Firstly Presented by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). He (.P.B.U.H) performed one Hajj in his Life. There are multiple days of Hajj, each is associated with a unique ritual, and these are
  • First Day of Hajj- 8th Dhu Al Hajjah----------- Stay at Mina
    Second Day of Hajj-9th Dhu Al Hajjah--------- Day Of Arafat, Day Of Muzdalifa 
  • 3rd day of Hajj- 10th Dhu Al Hajjah-------------Day Of Ramah Al Jamarat, Day Of Animal Sacrifice, Day Of Hair Removal, Day Of Tawaaf Al Ifadah
  • Fourth Day of Hajj-11th Dhu Al Hajjah-------------Stoning Of Devil 
  • Fifth Day of Hajj-12th of Dhu Al Hajjah------------Stoning Of Devil
  • Conditional 6th Day 13th of Dhu Al Hajjah-------------Stoning of Devil (Conditional), Tawaf Al Wida

Umrah is also a Holy Pilgrimage of Islam which can be performed anytime and any number in a year. Like Hajj, Umrah has also serious of rituals which are:
  • Perform Tawaaf around kaba seven times in anti-clockwise rotation.
  • Perform a Sa’i – Which means walking back and forth seven times at the hills Of Saffah and Marwa
  • Cutting Of hairs called as Halq or shaving of the head is called Taqsir.

There are two types of Umrah as well.
  • Al-Umrat al mufradah – Performs independently of hajj
  • Umrat al-tammatu- Performs injunction with Hajj.
Hajj and Umrah services are offered by many Companies in Pakistan. These companies provide special discounts and packages also. Their First Priority is customer satisfaction. They provide a friendly customer service. You can ask about any issue directly. Plus these companies provide special offers to disabled and poor persons.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Dubai- The City Of Attractions

Many travel and tour agencies in Pakistan are providing UAE visa services. They provide a wide selection of hotels and apartments in various cities of UAE
Dubai Events and Festivals
Dubai offers a wide range of entertainment and business events depending upon the month of year. Most of the fashion shows of Pakistan are now holding at Dubai. Dubai is the city of business and you don’t need a special event to visit Dubai.
Dubai Shopping Festival
Dubai shopping festival held in January February every year and attracts a lot of customers to Dubai. It is now known as the largest business event of Dubai and is celebrated as the shopper’s day.
Dubai summer surprises
In the months of June July and August, there held a ten week event in Dubai that weekly changes its theme. These summer events usually focuses on art, education, sports, fashion and business.
These summer events are held by the government in associations with different shopping malls, hotels and sponsor companies.
In addition to these Dubai hosts a world class sport events. Three of them are
Horse racing - Dubai World Cup
Golf – Dubai Desert Classic
Powerboat Racing
List of attractions in Dubai
Top 10 tourist attractions in Dubai
  • Burj Al arab
Burj Al Arab is the world’s only 7 stars hotel and most iconic symbol of Dubai.
  • Burj Khalifa
Burj Kahlifa is the tallest tower of world
  • The Dubai Foundations
It is located at the base of Burj khalifa and considered as world’s largest dancing foundation.
  • Atlantis Hotel
Atlantis is a man-made fascinating island situated on the palm. It has a majestic offers for families and couples. It has a water-park, water beach, cuisine in 18 restaurants, and many boutiques.
  • Global Village
Global village is providing shopping and cultural environment from past 15 years in Dubai. Different business, cultural and shopping events are hostel at global village.
  • Palm Island
Palm Jumeirah is a wonderful island in Dubai where you can relax yourself on the beach and immerse yourself with the luxurious shopping and fashion malls.
  • Dubai Creek
The natural seawater inlets that cuts through the center of Dubai city is the historical point in Dubai.
  • Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in Middle east and offers a  snow setting to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and playing with snow.
  •  Dubai Marina
Dubai marina is the largest man made marina inj the world and its Clubs are now famous for the house of yachts.
  • Wild wadi
It is located in front of Burj Al Arab and offers 30 rides and attractions for tourists.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dubai Tour and Packages

Dubai has become the shopping, Business, Tourism and Picnic capital of South Asia and Middle East Countries. Some people go to Dubai to participate in cultural and different other events which are being held in Dubai.
Dubai has become an attractive city placed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Its population is about 2 millions and still growing rapidly. Its official language is Arabic. But due to living foreign in large numbers now English has become the 2nd language of Dubai.
Dubai has become one of the most expensive cities of the world. Its geological position is something like that northern coastline, in Persian Gulf. Now Dubai is turned to a major Global trading center. It becomes economical hub between Asian and Middle East countries.
Dubai has almost more 250 shopping malls. Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world. You can shop until u want. People love to go Dubai for Shopping. Dubai has different attractive places like underwater zoo, Dubai Aquarium which is largest in the world. Dubai desert is also very famous in the world. You can visit and enjoy. Dubai is established on European cities standard where you can achieve much pleasure.
Now the Dubai fountains are wonder thing which you should watch in Dubai Mall. Water dancing and shoots up into the air of about 500 meters in the air. Family travels across the world to enjoy Dubai Mall and its fountains. This fun attracts more family people.
Dubai is offering different kinds of business like cargo, transporting, airline business etc. Dubai has also become sports city of the world. Best hotel are there. There are many Five Star Hotels are there providing best to customers coming from all over the world.
Many companies around the world are offering cheap packages for visiting Dubai to their customers. According to Pakistan geological placement, Dubai is very near to Pakistan. Pakistan is connected through sea with Dubai. Many airline companies are working in Pakistan to travel for Dubai. These companies are giving best of best services to their customers. Customers feel easy to travel through these companies.
Many top rated travel companies are working in Pakistan. These have their offices in different big cities of the country. Highly qualified and professional employees are hired by these companies. These employees are doing marketing of the company through providing best facilities. They help people to choose best deals offer by company.
People travel to Dubai for spending vacations too. They arrange vacation trip for their customers to conquer the Dubai. People love to go there and enjoy the life. Dubai is providing all valuable facilities to the people of the world who love to travel Dubai. Many companies are offering best cheap Dubai Tour Packages. 
Companies are offering 3 day visit tour package, business tour package etc. Many Pakistani people are doing job on valuable posts. Companies offer business class and economy class packages to their customers.
Get more information about Dubai tour packages, check out this link for best services.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How to get United Arab Emirates Visa Services In Islamabad ?

United Arab Emirates visa Services is provided by different travel agencies in Pakistan.  Most Of these travel agencies have contract with United Arab Emirates airways for their travels In Dubai. You can get your visa by visiting many website on-line. Insurance of visa or policy can only be validated by Embassy of Pakistan and Embassy of United Arab Emirates.
United Arab Emirates Visa services available on-line
Following are the visas that are offered by United Arab Emirates Visa Service.
  • Transit Visa
  • Short term or Visit Visa
  • Long Stay Visa 
  • Immigrant Visa
  • Official Visa
1)      Transit Visa
Required by person to travel from their country to outside of the country.
This type of visa can be of very short time usually of hours.
2)      Short Term or Visit Visa
Short term visa for United Arab Emirates, includes private visa, tourist visa, visa for medical reason, business visa, working holidays visa, athletic or artistic visa, refugee visa.
3)      Long Stay Visa
Long term stay visa includes student visa, temporary work visa, and asylum visa.
4)      Immigrant Visa
For those people who immigrate to the United Arab Emirates includes partner visa, marriage visa, and pensioner visa.
5)      Official Visa
Official visa is granted to the people that are visiting the country for their business work, represent their country in the host country and are supported by the government, includes diplomatic visa, courtesy visa.

Visa Policy of United Arab Emirates 
Documents required (Specific Airline)
  • Original Passport with validity of maximum 6 months
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Bank Statement valid for 6 months if traveling first time
  • Copy of National Identity Card and B-Form
  • Company Covering Letter
Documents required (No Restricted Airline)
  • Passport color scan copies
  • Scan photographs
  • Scan copies of National Identity Card and B-form
  • Scan Copy of last exit if you are traveling after 2 months
       Entry and Stay in United Arab Emirates
  • Single Entry (One Month)
  • Single Entry (3 Months)
  • Multiple Entry (6 Months)
United Arab Emirates Embassy in Islamabad:
United Arab Emirate Embassy in Islamabad was established 37 years ago and is situated near Prime Minister Secretariat.
Different Tour and Travel Agents in Pakistan are providing United Arab Emirates Visa Services at affordable rates. These Tour and Travel agencies have launched their business on-line. You can visit their on-line websites for further information.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Tour Agent Responsibilities

Muslims from different countries across all the world travel to Makah, Saudi Arabia where they perform Umrah which is also known to be a “Minor Hajj” performed at any time of the year except five days of “Hajj”.
There are many verses from the Holy Quran and Hadith which describes the importance of Umrah. The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said that “Umrah in the Holy Month of Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj”
Saudi’s Govt. restricts the Umrah tour upto maximum 15 days because of Harram’s construction. Many Companies are offering their different Umrah Packages during the Holy Month Ramadan up to 7 to 15 days. These Companies are responsible forthe people’s look after. But unfortunately, some Pakistani companies are badly involved in some illegal activities. Saudi’s Govt. banned these Companies and issued new directions for the Umrah tour companies. Saudi’s Govt. canceled license of these companies and demanded Pakistani Govt. to not allow these companies for the operational work.

Pakistani Govt. took some serious action against these companies for involving illegal activities who providing poor services to the people who go for Performing Umrah. So Pakistani Govt. also issued some new directions for the people that they should contact the Registered Companies for the Umrah tour. That company will be responsible of their living arrangements, Shuttle Services like Airport to Makah and Medina and strictly follow the rules of Saudi’s Govt. otherwise Govt. will take the action against the company and may cancel the license.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Best Choice for Traveling either Online Booking or Travel Agent

Nowadays, the Internet has turned would-be vacationers into their own travel agents. Travel agents, once a need to get to some far away destination, are frequently neglected. At the same time, for those of you who would prefer not to invest time arranging your holiday trip, travel agents could be a legitimate choice, it will simply cost a tad bit more.
Travel agents are intended to be your vocation supporter. They will see you the best costs, and if by chance something awful happens, they will be there to clean up the chaos. Online booking will demonstrate to you the costs of tickets right now, yet costs may change day by day. What's more, travel agents take the majority of the worry of vocations. Envision not needing to stress over orchestrating travel, lodgings, dinners, and outings.
Arranging a trip can be typically time consuming task. Actually, around 20% of more than 2,000 voyagers said it took over five to six hours of search and booking for travel online. Then again, travel agents make a vocation out of facilitating your arranging agony. They can take away the anxiety of reviewing the endless alternatives out there, and guarantee you locate the best one while sparing cash. Truth be told, you can spare anywhere in the range of $500 to $1,000 on airfare in the event that you have the right travel and tour agent.
They can likewise offer knowledge that a website would not have the capacity to. An agent can manage an unpracticed explorer through outside travel or go to fascinating destinations. While the Internet may be overflowing with traveling websites and bookings in innovatively propelled regions, agents may have more information of go in territories where tourism is less created.
You have to be adaptable to see a part of the expense sparing the advantages a travel agent gives. Being open about when you travel and where can cut your tour excursion costs. Moreover, travel agents don't offer the same cancellation measures as online traveling websites. In the not really far off past, online websites for travel booking didn't issue discounts, so travel agents were the best approach in the event that you were concerned you'd need to scratch off your excursion.
Agent Commission or Pricing
Few agents do charge a for each hour expense when they're arranging a trip, and they can win commission on some of their bookings. At the same time, you can normally anticipate that travel agents will cost around the same as though you'd booked it yourself. When you consider the time it spares you, travel operators may be justified regardless of the expense.