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The Basic Rituals of Hajj and Umrah

Hajj is the fifth basic pilgrim of Islam which is performed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  It is obligatory for every Muslim to Perform Hajj once in a life.  People who can physically and financially afford the travel should perform Hajj Once in Life Time. The Holy Pilgrimage occurs between 8th and 12th Of Islamic month Dhu Al Hajjah.  This pilgrimage is made around the Holy Kaba. There are billions of Muslim perform Hajj every year. The Performer seeks the ultimate forgiveness from sins with full devotion to ALLAH Almighty. Mecca is the center of Islamic State.  You should be adult, a free person and a Muslim to perform this Holy Event.
Pilgrims come from different races, different countries and different colors to perform Hajj. There is no Distinction there on the Holly Ground of Mecca. During Hajj, performer dress up in a holy Dress which is called as Ihram. Hajj involves many rituals some of them are
  • Counter clockwise seven rounds around Kaba
  • Run Forth and back around the Hills of Saffah and Marwa
  • Drink Water of Zam Zam
  • Visit to mountains Of Arafat
  • Stay at night at the plains Of Muzdalifa
  • Stoning to the Devil
  • After all these rituals, sacrifice an animal on the Day of Eid Ul Adha.

The Present method of Hajj was Firstly Presented by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). He (.P.B.U.H) performed one Hajj in his Life. There are multiple days of Hajj, each is associated with a unique ritual, and these are
  • First Day of Hajj- 8th Dhu Al Hajjah----------- Stay at Mina
    Second Day of Hajj-9th Dhu Al Hajjah--------- Day Of Arafat, Day Of Muzdalifa 
  • 3rd day of Hajj- 10th Dhu Al Hajjah-------------Day Of Ramah Al Jamarat, Day Of Animal Sacrifice, Day Of Hair Removal, Day Of Tawaaf Al Ifadah
  • Fourth Day of Hajj-11th Dhu Al Hajjah-------------Stoning Of Devil 
  • Fifth Day of Hajj-12th of Dhu Al Hajjah------------Stoning Of Devil
  • Conditional 6th Day 13th of Dhu Al Hajjah-------------Stoning of Devil (Conditional), Tawaf Al Wida

Umrah is also a Holy Pilgrimage of Islam which can be performed anytime and any number in a year. Like Hajj, Umrah has also serious of rituals which are:
  • Perform Tawaaf around kaba seven times in anti-clockwise rotation.
  • Perform a Sa’i – Which means walking back and forth seven times at the hills Of Saffah and Marwa
  • Cutting Of hairs called as Halq or shaving of the head is called Taqsir.

There are two types of Umrah as well.
  • Al-Umrat al mufradah – Performs independently of hajj
  • Umrat al-tammatu- Performs injunction with Hajj.
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